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Antagonism, or wholeness, integration, inner partner.

The Seventh House is the experience of one to one relationships, marriage and psychological projections of all kind. This House is often the psychological shadow or double of oneself. Key Words: Ultimate experiences, death. Sexual exchange, emotional intimacy. Joined finances, inheritances. Regeneration and degeneration. Personal power. Occult inclination and studies. Secrets, taboos.

Through the Eighth House we experience our personal power in sexual and financial relationship with other people. We also face all extreme experiences, loss, death, those that help us change and regenerate. Key Words: Intuition, insight, higher studies. Long journeys, adventures, discoveries. Philosophical, religious and political beliefs.

Search for meaning. Dreams, premonitions, future life. The God within. Sun, Moon and Planets in this sector are on a quest for meaning, helping to broaden our horizons in many different ways, through study, travel, religion, spirituality. The Tenth House or MidHeaven. Key Words: Conscious drive. True vocation. Ideal choice of profession and studies. Attainments or failures. Life goals.

Social standing, public role, reputation. The parent who guides one into the outside world. Attitude toward mankind. Person within society. Friendships, aspirations, ideals, hopes. Universal concerns, reforming spirit. Planets in this Houses connect us to a greater world, outside of our familiar surroundings.

Key Words: Unconscious drive. Sacrifices and loss of personal power. Karmic bondage, fate. Unfinished business. Self undoing. Connection with the collective psyche. Spiritual awakening. Universal sympathy. This is the final House, via which we are asked to undo all that we have painstakingly weaved in our lives, the ambitions, the personal attachments etc. This is necessary to unravel the spiritual thread of our journey. Here we contact the collective of the whole of humanity and of our blue planet as well, developing universal sympathy and compassion.

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Click for the current Moon's Sign and Phase. Click top picture for details. I have also ran numerous Beginners and Advanced Classes on Astrology and personally tutored many more students.

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I welcome comments on my posts. Paola Emma. Hundred Years of Soli-Lunar Eclipses , courtesy of dateandtime. Work in progress: What the Moon on your birthday will bring to your year Click book cover for details. Thank you. Search for:.


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The Second House Key Words: desires, attachments, all sorts of value.

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Global Bees Emergency. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Haiti's horoscope January 1, ; Gonaives, Haiti; noon reflects the long and difficult history of the country, as well as the current devastation. The Capricorn Sun attended by six other placements in Capricorn shows the tendency for strong, patriarchal government. At the moment of the 7. If we think of the transiting Saturn-Pluto square as a crisis of authority as described here last week , we can see how this incident left Haiti without a functioning central government.

Natally, the Moon opposes Pluto in the Virgo-Pisces polarity, which describes a population that has been victimized politically, socially and economically. In Haiti's case, the progressed Moon and Pluto were conjunct in Pisces while being squared by progressed Mars. Here we have the indications for violence and chaos that could have been seen beforehand had any astrologers been tracking Haiti's national horoscope. The Haiti-Chile. Quake Connection. February 28, ;. The Jan. The annular solar eclipse of Jan.

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We can now see, with the gift of hindsight, that the ACG AstroCartoGraphy map for the solar eclipse, did clearly foreshadow major events in Haiti and along Chile's coast. Moon Wobble. Earthquakes often occur soon after an eclipse, or very near the time of an eclipse. This likelihood increases if other quake indicators are in place and if it is also a Total Eclipse.

This heightened activity is due to what we might call Moon Wobble effects. The energy is similar to that associated with eclipses, when the New or Full Moon aligns closely with the nodes. After a painstaking examination of a large number of major disasters, involving fires, bad weather and loss of life, he found that many of the most serious and traumatic catastrophes occur in association with eclipses, especially when other dire planetary aspects coincided.

He also found however that such evils are not exclusively linked to eclipses and may also occur when the Sun forms a T- square to the nodal axis. He called this a Moon Wobble, for it is when the Moon is wobbling in its path by declination. So, when the Sun is conjoined with either node or in this T — square to the nodal axis, this raises the likelihood of major environmental damage, loss of life or property, or other dire effects.

These types of problems are more likely if other troubling planetary configurations occur at the same time. The most notable times for disastrous occurrences range from a few days before to a few days following the exact aspect. The Moon Wobble effects of the January eclipse were strongest on January 11, , one day prior to the destructive earthquake in Haiti. Besides being more common near eclipses, earthquake activity increases near Full Moon.

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One way to narrow down the location where a sizable earthquake might occur is to run an Astrolocality map of the eclipse suggesting the probability for a quake, to see where on the globe the Mars and Saturn lines run as these reveal problem spots. If there are planets in Fixed signs or important conjunctions, those planet lines should be included. Watch for an emphasis of planets on angles. Especially when the problem spot lies in the Ring of Fire, as Chile does, this raises suspicions.

At the time of a quake many aspects will be found between the planets, however, these planets will also form a number of aspects to the previous eclipse and to the planets places at that time. Chiron was also in Fixed Aquarius as was the North Node. Transiting Moon in Leo opposed the outer planets in Aquarius. Summary and Forecast. To review some steps we might take to discover where and when an earthquake might occur:. Watch for eclipses in which many planets fall in Fixed signs, especially when there are afflicting aspects involving these, and in particular if other dire aspects form at the same time.

Run an Astrolocality map for this eclipse to see where problem spots lie on the globe. Be alert for a potential increase of activity near the time of an eclipse, a Moon Wobble, or a Full Moon. Be alert for problematic aspects at this time, especially when these form among themselves AND tie in with the particular eclipse that suggested earthquakes. As summer nears, the conjunction of Jupiter with Uranus may activate big quakes in the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. New Moon report. Is it possible to predict earthquakes?

The planetary tools used here may some day help forecast when and where the most devastating quakes take place. His entry is shown to the right here, accompanied by the horoscope for the January 15, Solar Eclipse relocated to Santiago, Chile. She also explores where an earthquake might strike, and presents a five-point summary and forecast for Excerpted from the two NewsScope articles about the quakes, O'Reilly gives the astro-journalistic follow-up, including some historical background and translation of the chart's symbolism.

His World Forecast, written in December , included some remarkably good calls concerning the potential and timing for major earthquakes based on the SuperMoons of Here's an excerpt with graphic illustrations. The Astrology of. The Moon and Eclipses. Evidently, the Moon's gravitational pull affects earthquake activity, as do solar and lunar eclipses.

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David crook astrology

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