Astrological remedies for childless couple

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Fix the problem first and then start a new life. In astrologer Pt suryakant shastri , explain your problems to Guruji, who knows all about past, present and future. It is very easy to understand the reason of the learned guru. If you solve then worry; We are here to help.


Childless Couple Problem Solution, Children Astrology Expert Melbourne

From your side, our team does the same. Kaneshji is Canada's most trusted magicianIn a romantic life, there are many situations when you love someone, but you will not get a positive answer from the other side. Now remove worries. Our washer experts are able to bring you a great positive that you can win the lost war and regain position once again. Powerful psychic astrologer in canada-Are you feeling low because of a breakup in the relationship? Well, it happens sometimes. Those who are worried will be sad and depressed. Allow the negative to control your life and peace of mind.

Our mental therapists will give you the best solution so that you can be confident again. Read the testimony of those who have started a new life by removing all obstacles and negatives created by enemies, opponents or competitors. Fingerprint -If you do not know your birth details or horoscope, there is no need to worry. Your future is hidden in your palms. The main reason for vata, pitta, kapha problems in children is the existence of those problems in their parents.

If the kundali milan of the 5th house of the man and woman is done properly, then the many causes of conception problems can be overcome easily. So if the 5th house is weak in a man, then he should marry someone whose 5th house is strong and vice versa. When Jupiter and Mars don't match, then the man and fluids don't match up well, despite there being nothing wrong medically. This will cause some biological problems, which will cause the sperm count and quality to be low.

Some planet being of neecha or some yuti, is not considered negative.

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For a planet to be negative, the planet has to be strong and has to cause weakness to a house. A man's kapha should not be negatively affected. A weak Venus of a man can cause conception problems in women. Hence, it's important to get rid of kapha-dosha as soon as possible even in a little boy as it can have repercussions at a later age. These will also cause on to catch some infection, cause a bad lifestle, or make one addicted to substances or alcohol.

All of these will decrease the ability to conceive. If a female's brother is much older than her in age, then she needs to be very careful about her body from a young age - especially hormonal issues. If there is a lot of acidity in the body, then it's very important to be wary of the negative effects of the planets mentioned above Mars and Venus. If the female's behavior is not flexible, and the 5th house is not strong, then it will be problematic for the woman to conceive.

Mars, Venus, and Jupiter's negative influence can cause problems in the tubes and hormones. So it's important to get the remedies for these done.

Astrology Remedies for Childless Couples

Sometimes, people get abortions done with their own will, but when they truly do want a child, then they don't get one or if they do then the child is weak and does not love them and is stubborn in nature. Do remedies for Jupiter if this is the case. Also, if Jupiter is weak, then one should not wait more than necessary to decide on having children.

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If there are gas issues or too much fat, then that also causes problems in conception. Venus causes one to get fat due to hormonal imbalance and can even cause hirsutism excessive hair growth. As a remedy, wear a "berunj" or "petuniya" in the little finger in silver on a Monday.

Astrology remedies for childless couple-Acharya Satish Awasthi-LWA

It can be on either hand's finger. For women, if your menstrual cycle is irregular, then take a glas bottle, cover it with an orange cellophane, fill it with water, and tighten the lid securely.

Reasons for Problems in Conception:

Astrological remedies for childless couple can help to get clear picture regarding the child house in a horoscope. Couples do every possible thing to get a baby but they are not successful. Even they spend lakhs of amount here and there to get proper solution to their problem. In such case, many cases have been solved by using occult science like Vedic astrology.

Progeny problem can be solely solved using the knowledge of Vedic astrology and childless couple can get the gift of their child. Some couples are very and after several years of their marriage, they are unable to start the progeny.

Childless Couples

Their anxiety is actually important, as the delay in biological design also reduces their chances to get a child. Our biological age is not till lifetime and it is very difficult for a couple to start a family after a certain age. In addition, they also get several pressures i. In such circumstances, astrological remedies for progeny can be very helpful to get an exact date and time for the initiation of a family.

The complicated offspring problem can be solved with the help of Vedic astrology and Vedic astrologers. In this process, there is a complete study of the horoscope of both husband and wife, and the barrier is discovered that might be preventing women to maintain pregnancy.

Astrological Remedies for Childlessness Problem Solution

A report of the pregnancy with astrology can only be prepared by an expert astrologer but before that authentic detail has to be submitted. The Indian astrology is a very old and ancient science. We have horoscope of 12 houses and each house determine the specificity of our life. Similarly, the child is reflected by the 5 th house in the horoscope, the ascendant lord, the placement of ascendant lord and several other aspect too.

Once all the effects are made and studies, the report is generated that details the possible reason and cause of the delayed pregnancy. It also studies the role of evil and beneficial planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

Astrology Prediction For Childbirth – Remedies For Childless Couples

After proper anlaysis of the man and the woman horoscope two possibilities are withdrawn. First is to check whether it is a case of childlessness, means no child in destiny and delay in the birth of a child and exact date of a child birth.

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  5. Transition of planets is also considered while generating the report for the childless couple. This astrological remedy for childless couple consists of the dasha and the transit of the planets.

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    Astrological remedies for childless couple

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